Turn Away From Selfishness And Towards Selfless Love


Happy Couple In Winter LoveSelfless love is the exact opposite of selfishness. Everyone has a selfish nature, but we are also able to be selfless in love. Many people have different views about where love comes from. When we love others, the love is put into action. We not only think about other people instead of just ourselves, but we start doing more things for other people. We see how wonderful a selfless love can be.

Imagine you had everything you want but no one to share it with. You can talk to many older people whose friends and family have mostly passed on and they will tell you the world starts to get lonely. Yes, there are billions of people out there, but when your friends and family are mostly gone, it's a lonely world. So again, imagine you had all those things, everything you wanted, but no one was there.

In other words, we need people, not just for some scientific reason. We need people because loving others is what life is about, selfless and unconditional love. We receive happiness ourselves by giving to others in our love relationships.

When we act selfishly, we are thinking about gratifying ourselves. Think about your average day and be honest with yourself. How many times do you think you are selfish daily? In this world, if you thought of any number less than 100, think again. In all seriousness, I don't have a number, but think about when you're out among other people. Do you road rage easily and only think about your needs, or do you have compassion on other people?

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Just think about your day and what you normally do. I'll tell you that I'm selfish many more times than I'd like to admit. It's important that we always try to follow the example that has been set for us and be selfless towards others. Ideally, we would do this every time, which would make us perfect, and we're not perfect. Taking just small steps towards being less selfish is a great beginning. Selfishness causes all kinds of issues and selflessness has the opposite effect, causing all kinds of wonderful things to happen.

How To Ensure Your Attraction To Your Love Partner Lasts


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The longer you've been in a relationship with someone, the easier it is to take that person for granted. Spending months or even years together mean that the levels of attraction between the two of you are constantly changing. Everyone goes through what we consider the ‘honeymoon’ phase and that can last for up to 18 months. But, what happens after the rainbows and cupids have vanished?

Sometimes, the problem mentioned above is most commonly experienced when someone gets into a relationship with an attractive person who has very little to offer in the way of companionship and intellectual support. If you're looking to ensure the longevity of your relationship, here are some tips to make sure the attraction lasts:

Always remind yourself on a regular basis what you love about your partner. Life can become hectic and the more time you spend together is when things can seem rather monotonous. When your feelings start to wander, take a moment to reflect why you were together in the first place.

Talk to your partner often and make sure you have open communication between the two of you. People are twice as likely to feel attracted to someone who they can openly talk to and share their emotional troubles with.

Do something together as a couple on a weekly basis. Rediscover a hobby or sign up for something exciting such as skiing or cooking classes. Spending time together means you'll learn to reconnect and fall in love all over again.

Show your partner that you love them by doing something nice. The more you focus on the loving aspects of your relationship, the closer you will grow as a couple. You can't automatically assume that your partner knows you love him or her. It's important to go the extra mile for the sake of your love match.

Don't spend every moment of your time together. You should have hobbies or a group of friends outside of your relationship. Crowding each other will give you the opportunity to magnify your partner's flaws and that can lead to eventual resentment.

It's important to consider that some of the problems you face with your partner may be psychological. If there's something that you need to work out as a couple, it's worth going to a counsellor together. Remember, any relationship worth having, is going to be hard and full of trials and tribulations but the success of a great relationship is how you deal with those problems. The happy couples you see have learned how to take the good with the bad in their love relationship.